Frequently Asked Questions

1. What number do I call if my child is sick or will be absent from school?

If your child is sick or will be absent from school, each morning you should call the Attendance
Number (631-592-3606) and leave your child's name, teacher and reason for absence.

2. There is a class party and I am bringing in food, what do I need to know?

The only acceptable food that you bring into class my be NUT FREE, store bought (not homemade) and must have a label listing all of the ingredients. You must bring the food to the nurse for approval.

3. What is the procedure to pick up my child at dismissal instead of having them take the bus home?

Parents/designees who wish to pick up their children are requested to send a note stating that their child will be picked up at 3:15 PM. The date, time, and reason for leaving should be included as well as permission for us to release your child to your designee, when applicable. Parents/designees must sign the release log and present photo identification before a student will be dismissed. Your child will meet you at the side entrance of the building. Please arrive by 3:10 PM.

4. I need to pick my child up earlier than dismissal time, what is the procedure?

On occasion, your child’s dismissal plans may change during the day. If this is the case, please contact the main office via phone and send an email or fax (631-592-3915) clearly stating the change and the person who will be receiving your child. Please be sure to confirm any changes in your child’s dismissal plans prior to 3:00 pm. Last minute requests may not be accommodated as all school personnel is focused on a safe and orderly dismissal.

5. How do I register to use the Infinite Campus Portal?

Instructions to register for the Infinite Campus Portal can be found on the District's website or by clicking here.

6. How do I view my child's food service balance or add money to the account?

Visit the Infinite Campus Portal and select "Food Service" to view your balance, or "Payments" to add funds to the account.

7. How do I view my child's report card?

Report cards can be found in the Campus Backpack. This is the last selection on the left side of your child's Infinite Campus Portal page.