Otsego PTA Committee Descriptions

In-House Committees

These committees meet as needed, at times agreed upon between the chairperson(s) and the committee to accomplish the committee goals and responsibilities.
BLOOD DRIVE   Organize the annual school blood drive in conjunction  with Long Island Blood Services
BOOK FAIR   Organize and run the Scholastic Book Fair Program.  Includes scheduling, set-up, staffing, selling and breakdown.  There are two book fairs in the academic year running three days each.
BULLETIN BOARD  Decorate and maintain the school's PTA Bulletin Board
EATING THE RAINBOW  Decorate the school, schedule assemblies and activities during the week.  Coordinate papers and handouts for each color of the raiinbow.
FIFTH GRADE  Organize and run all fifth grade special projects including 5th grade sweatshirt, 5th grade party, bagel breakfast, special fundraising, autograph books.  Works directly with 5th grade teachers.
GIFT WRAP  Organize and run all fifth grade special projects including 5th grade sweatshirt, 5th grade party, bagel breakfast, special fundraising, autograph books.  Works directly with 5th grade teachers.
HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE  Organize and run this multi-day gift sale during school hours in December.  Includes merchandise ordering, set-up, staffing, selling and breakdown.
HOSPITALITY  Provide refreshments at PTA meetings, Otsego hosted Board of Education meeting and other in-house Otsego hosted events.  Includes purchasing of snacks (reimbursed by the PTA), set-up and clean-up.  
KIDS' NIGHT OUT  Organize and run a BINGO evening for Otsego Families.
KIDSSTUFF COUPON BOOK  Organize the distribution and promotion of sales.  
NEW FAMILY LIASON Be available to new families to make them feel welcome and comfortable at Otsego, answer questions and familarize them with the school.  Attend Kindergarten Screening in May and Kindergarten Orientation in June.
NOVELTY SALE Organize and run the two Novelty Sales held in the beginning and end of the school year.  Responsible to order, set-up, sell and breakdown. Runs three days for each session
PARP/LITERARY FESTIVAL (Parents As Reading Partners) Organize this month long celebration of reading in conjunction witht he school librarian and a teacher committee to encourage parents to read with their children.  Schedule an assembly during the day. Schedule an author to visit our school.
PICTURE DAY Schedule dates, distribute order information, schedule class times, supervise and assist at Picture Day, distribute photo packages, supervise and assist photo make-up day, clubs, and graduation photos for the yearbook.  
PLANT SALE Organize and run this annual plant sale during school hours.  Includes ordering, set-up, staffing, selling and breakdown.  There are usually two events: Fall and Spring.
REFLECTIONS Coordinate this Fall artistic program sponsored by the National PTA.  Includes promotion of the event, collection and judging of entries.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES Coordingate with school Principal and teachers the supply list for the following school year and compile a lit for parents to purchase at a discounted price.
SPIRIT WEAR Order, sell and distribute Otsego logo clothing and accessories.
SPRING EVENT Organize and run Otsego's largest fundraiser.  This event requires soliciting, wrapping baskets, choosing a venue, securing a DJ and preparing a program.
TALENT SHOW Organize and run Otsego's Talent Show.
THANKSGIVING PIES Order, sell and distribute pies and breads from White Post Farm.
WELCOME BACK PICNIC Organize and run first give back event on the Friday of the first week of school
YEARBOOK   Design, layout, order and distribute yearbooks.

District Committees

BUDGET   Reviews all aspect of the annual proposed Half Hollow Hills School Budget Program.  Meets one Thursday per month at 10am
COMMUNITY AWARENESS  Focuses on issues that concern the Half Hollow Hills communithy such as safety, environment, real estate, new business openings, etc. Meeting one Monday per month at 10am.
DIVERSITY   Represented by PTA members, administrators and students from the elementary and secondary schools of Half Hollow Hills.  In a collaborative effort, through open discussions and brainstorming, the commitee has the opportunity to help create programs, forums and celebrations which embrace the differences that make up our community and classrooms.  Responsible for school participation in the Unity Fair.  Meets one Tuesday per month at 10am or 7:30pm
EDUCATION Discusses current educational concerns such as class size, testing,  guidance and curriculum. Meets one Friday per month at 10am
FACILITIES/LEGISLATION   Discusses concerns and improvements regarding the actual physical condition of Half Hollow School buildings.  Meets one Friday per month at 10am.  Host the annual Meet the Candidate Night.
SPECIAL EVENTS   Responsible for PTA Council fundraising events held throughout the school year including Founders' Day.  Meets one Wednesday per month at 7:30pm
TASK FORCE/PARENT RESOURCE CENTER   Sponsor workshps adressing problems affecting our children. Meets montly to discuss programs and planning.
TRANSPORTATION   Addresses safety issues, bus routes, transportation laws and purchasing and maintenance of school buses.  Meets one Thursday per month at 10am
WHOLE HEALTH   Discusses matters affecting our district's school children in regards to allergy prevention/protection.  Also discusses matters concerning content, preparation and serving of food in our schools.  Review programs and forums geared toward health.  Meets one Tuesday per month at 1pm.